It sounds like Abercrombie & Fitch male model Matthew Avedon is skating through a modeling career on his famous last name. The grandson of famed fashion photographer Richard Avedon is apparently still trying to find himself in male modeling, after a somewhat spotty academic career and a lacklustre first stab at the runway.

His “average guy” look is a bit grungy, but just what the fashion mags and runway mavens were looking for in 2001, the year he was the star of the Milan show.

He’s admittedly scruffy, doesn’t work out and prefers skateboarding to about any other avocation. How do people like this get discovered?

Apparently, pretty easily when they stroll around New York with a famous last name.

The New York Times story does display one very positive feature about Avedon. He doesn’t care to date sexy female models, saying they are largely artificial and self centered. That’s a news flash.

Avedon’s Abercrombie & Fitch male model looks would never work in the world of the Campus Men calendars. Those boys were real hunks, not “Joe Average” scruffs.

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